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cubeONE® Cubic Zirconia

cubeONE Zirconia is a high strength, high translucent zirconia material. Manufactured by Dental Direkt of Germany, cubeONE is the perfect blend of esthetics and strength for all tooth positions. With flexural strength of >1,000 MPa, cubeONE also has a fracture toughness of 9.0 (K1C) value, matching that of traditional high strength zirconia (similar to BioZˣ²). cubeONE is 45% translucent, just 4% less than ultra-high translucent zirconia materials. Using Dental Direkt’s unique shading liquid system, the DDBasicShades, DDProShadeC, and DDArtElements, we are able to provide natural esthetics with each restoration.


• Translucency: 45%

• Strength: > 1,000 MPa


• Single units to full arch bridgework

• All PFZ and full contour restorations

Instructions for your doctors:


Requires less tooth preparation than is required for lithium disilicate. Ideally, a 0.8 mm chamfer or rounded should prep is preferred. However, a feather-edge margin is acceptable with 1.0 – 1.5 mm occlusal reduction.


• Conventional cementation

• Excellent retention with resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI)

• Bonding suggested with prep less than 4.0 mm for gingival margin to occlusal tip and more than 20% of taper

Click here to download instructions for clinicians.

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